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Motorized Blinds and Shades
- Smart Home Integrations

Motorized Shades & Blinds Are Great For:

Tall windows and other hard-to-reach places No more leaning over furniture or navigating through awkward spaces. Motorized shades and blinds make opening and closing your window treatments simple and convenient.

Opening and closing blinds when you’re not home Connected to a Smarthome device, your motorized shades can be controlled even from outside your home so you can be sure your interior is as comfortable, private, and energy-efficient as possible.

The WOW factor You’d have to see it to realize it, but opening and closing your window treatments at the touch of a button is as satisfying as it is beneficial. Go ahead. Indulge a little.

Raising and lowering multiple shades throughout the day You don’t want to roam the entire house opening and closing your blinds and shades. Motorization gives you the freedom to open and close them (as much as you’d like!) with ease.

Prolonging the life of your shades and blinds Instead of manhandling your window treatments to open and close them on a regular basis, motorization allows you to use your window treatments without the regular wear and tear.

Accessibility Motorization is gaining traction in public spaces and hotels simply because opening and closing window treatments shouldn’t be a challenge — it should be easy and convenient for everyone.

Energy efficiency Admit it — you’ll be more likely to use your window treatments more frequently if it’s convenient. Optimize your energy efficiency by using them how they’re meant to be used.

Modernizing your interior You don’t want to be decades behind when you update your home. Motorization is quickly becoming a standard, so opting for this now will save you an update down the road. (And let you enjoy it in the meantime!)

"Blind Ambitions proved to be our top choice for custom blinds."

-Alana H.

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